Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We Need to Become Aware!

    Though frighteningly disturbing, I feel like this cartoon needs to be shown to more people. A lot of times, we forget the harsh, cruel experiences animals go through, just so we (humans) are able to dress in style. Nowadays, its extremely rare to go into a clothing/shoe store and leave without seeing at least one piece of clothing made from animal resources. This cartoon is shocking, but I find its message highly important. Of course, humans will cringe and be disgusted by this illustration, but that is what the artist intended to do. The artist intended to send the message that there should be no difference of sympathy between human vs. animal suffering. Animals, just as humans, are living beings. Neither species deserves to have their skin ripped off their back. This cartoon perfectly exemplifies principles of speciesism discussed in class. It is meant to ironically illustrate that unfortunately, the hierarchy still exists -- humans still rule unfairly over animals. I feel like more cartoons like this one should be put out there as propaganda, in order to make every human aware of animal cruelty.

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