Friday, May 29, 2015

Why Are Elephants Acting Up?

Why is it that elephants are increasingly engaging in aggressive behavior towards humans as well as other animals? Aggression is usually an instinctive response due to discomfort or feeling threatened.  Perhaps this is explains why elephants are attacking humans more than ever before. I believe that we, humans, are threatening the elephants' survival as a species, thereby leading to their aggressive behavior. If no one were threatening them, then they wouldn't feel the need to retaliate and protect themselves. Elephants are among one of the smartest species of animals on this planet and I believe this is a key factor to why they are engaging in such behavior. The elephants have began to realize that humans are threatening their survival through poaching and the destruction of their environment. They're effort to protect their environment in which they live and reproduce is affecting their survival, which has sparked them to become very sensitive to when they feel a human presence. Elephants have made a correlation between humans and their survival, sparking their instinct to protect themselves at all costs. The only way we can stop this from happening is by giving elephants, and other animals the space they need to thrive as a species.

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