Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First of all, sorry for the curse words! But I just wanted to go with the vegan comics thing and I thought this one reminded me of the article we broke down in section last thursday by Jim Mason and Mary Finelli titled "Brave New Farm?". It I think this comic touches on two separate issues. One is that we treat non-human sentients differently than we treat humans. Not many people think about the fact that we don't really need milk after we are babies, although there are many debates supporting the need for milk drinking well into adulthood. This article also touches on the topic of marketing and using a non-human for our wants without regard to the animal and the suffering involved with that. By slaughtering the animals their misery is at the very least prolonged, although I personally don't agree with the slaughtering of animals. But by keeping the cow alive for it's milk it's suffering is prolonged and then when we are done, we kill them anyway. Thought: what about bottling human milk for consumption? Not cool from a cow, not cool from a human.

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