Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Is a Dolphin a Person?

Oddly enough dolphins are indeed mammals just like humans. People think that since dolphins and humans have different habitats that they are not similar but I disagree. Dolphins have many unshakable traits that many humans have. We like to believe we are the superior race, but I think humans are the dolphins of land or dolphins are the humans of the sea. I believe the more interactions we have with dolphins, the more we learn about how intelligent they are. So much so that dolphins have been participating in our military since the 1960's. Many people would argue their intelligence is enough to make them human-like, but I think they are smart enough to know that they are helping humans. They are also performers in our modern society. For example SeaWorld, I know people have many negative opinions about the park according to the orca whales, and I agree. But the dolphins and whales have become a sources of entertainment. Dolphins are very sociable mammals, they stay in their family groups called pods. Traveling together is something they love doing. Also dolphins have been known to help or even recuse humans. Dolphins see humans as sociable as well and are willing to engage interactions with us. They probably sense that we are similar creatures. 
Another similarity is that we both speak in different dialects. Dolphins and humans created different languages within their pods. Different cultures and traditions even form in each pods. 
Again dolphins and humans have yet another similar attribute; they have sex for pleasure. All other animals have sex to simply reproduce, except for humans and dolphins. 
Here is a video where dolphins and humans interact. This video helped me understand how truly intelligent dolphins are.

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