Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Red Peter

While reading A Report to the Academy, I noticed the sarcasm that was in Red Peter's, the main character, tone throughout his whole speech. He tried to make it seem like becoming a human-like ape was one of his biggest accomplishments, but in reality there was some resentment in his words. Had he had the choice, he would've have stayed a natural ape and never allowed himself to become a human, but because he didn't have the choice he decided to attempt the transition of human to ape.

Red Peter's transition was a rough one because he had to kiss ass to the sailors that were shipping him to Europe, so he could gain attention from them and some kind of freedom. He then began entertaining them with his mimicking of the sailors human behavior. He began to spit, smoke, and drink like sailors so they would gain his acceptance. From then on he chose a path to not go to a zoo but rather a variety stage where his intelligence was shown to the world. After he was trained and became stupendously intelligent, Red Peter was asked to make, " A Report to the Academy," about how he became a human like ape, and that is where his story ends or rather starts.

But throughout his entire Report, Red Peter realized that although he chose to become a human because it was his closest way out of captivity, it never sufficed his needs. He believes that being a human isn't as great as the human race believes they are. If anything it has made him dislike the human race more and make him wish he had never been captured.

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