Friday, May 29, 2015

Ethics Pt. 4

Welcome to the fourth and final part of my Ethics series. Throughout the series, we have discovered the paradox that life is good, but it is necessary to consume other living things to survive, i.e. plants and animals etc.

We have also identified the bridging empathy that sensible beings can cross over, emotion. On a lesser level there is also the central nervous system, which would involve pain and pleasure which would widen the breath and scope of the animal species we can relate to.

Thus I believe that it is not necessarily death for the sake of consumption and the continuance of life that we are trying to stop, but the cruelty that comes along with it. Cruelty is a festering sore that can secrete its venomous fluids out into other arenas of our life. Under the umbrella of this logic, we should eat meat before we drink milk or eat eggs, because the suffering is greatest for the animals like hens and dairy cows that live longer under worse conditions for the sake of continual production. How we stop the cruelty is too large of a question to be tackled at this moment in time. This question leaves the realm of philosophy and enters the realm of practicality that requires years of research, experience and passion.

Hope anyone who is reading this enjoyed my pieces, have a great life.



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