Tuesday, May 26, 2015


    Take a good look at this picture. Just as I am, you're probably all thinking "oh jeez, are those dogs spoiled!" Yeah...
      I find the whole doggies-wearing-dog-turtle-necks-while-riding-in-a-dog-stroller thing kind of ridiculous. I think it's bizarre that we humans either A) cherish and spoil animals as one of us, or B) disregard the importance of their being all together. The difference between these two types of human-animal interactions is unfathomable. It doesn't make sense to me that on one hand, humans may sleep with their pets in their own bed, talk to them as if they were one of their children, dress them in extravagant clothing, or send them to fancy pet hotels; and on the other hand, may slaughter animals with their own two hands, eat their flesh, or wear their fur on their back. I often wonder if any human working in a slaughter house goes home at the end of the day and pets their dog on the sofa. 
      The difference between the two types of human-animal interaction is the type of animal. Pets (such as cats or dogs) are seen as clean, friendly, comforting companions. Pigs, cattle, poultry and fish on the other hand, are simply seen as resources. Just as discussed in lecture and in some of the readings, pets are often extremely  anthropomorphized, as proven by this picture. Although we humans interact with different species of animals in completely opposing ways, it's all done selfishly. We slaughter animals to benefit ourselves; we enjoy eating their flesh and wearing their skin. Additionally, we have pets to also benefit ourselves. James A. Serpell notes in his essay, Anthropomorphism and Anthropomorphic Selection--Beyond the "Cute Response," that humans having pets is proven to "enhance their own health and quality of life" (88). I find it interesting that we use animals in multiple differing ways, and it's all for our own fulfillment and pleasure. 

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