Friday, May 29, 2015

Animals in Disney Movies and in Real Life

As I was watching Frans De Waal’s video, Moral Behavior in Animals, in class today, I was a bit surprised to see the Chimpanzee encouraged his friend to help pull the box. I was taken aback by how intelligent they were. They showed empathy for each other and helped each other out. I have always known that animals have feelings and thoughts, but I never thought they would have specifically empathy or compassion for each other. It made me realize how similar animals are to human. Granted, they are not as intelligent as us, but that is the only thing they lack. It also made me wonder if animals think the same way we do. At the same time, I am also wondering if the animals in the wild have a life similar to what was portrayed in all those Disney movies, such as the Lion King and Nemo. The only difference I see about the life between humans and the animals portrayed in those Disney movies is the physical setting and life style. The animals act and live the same way humans would have if we still live in the wild. 

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