Friday, May 22, 2015

Animal Liberation Front

Animal Liberation Front

            After watching the documentary about the Animal Liberation Front, I decided to do a bit of research on them and see what new developments they have had since the movie was made in 2006. The first thing I noticed about the website was that it was a .org website which are usually intended for non-profit organizations, but if the ALF is a non profit organization where do they get all the money for their supplies when they do end up saving animals from companies? I also found this article, which is the first link called “Europe should embrace a cosmopolitan approach to animal rights” which interested me because the author made some interesting points that we have been discussing in class. He mentioned that if an animal has feelings then it deserves to have rights. This argument has created great conflict because some people believe that animals do not “feel” or have the capability to understand without intelligence. He argued that in order to live in a community with animals we must be willing to treat them as equal and let them be if they are not hurting us.

            The second link is to a website that they have for “snitches and informers.” It caught my attention because of the negative connotation snitches has, but when I read the descriptions of the people I was confused. Did the organization hate those people and want the world to see that they were not helping their cause? It seemed to me as if they hated those people for turning themselves in.  

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