Friday, May 29, 2015

Elephants, gentle giants or giant danger?

Yesterdays discussion topic was about elephants attacking humans, and why that might be. For me, it boils down to humans taking over land talking away their homes, and peaceful environment. Now they are isolated to lands where people can take safari adventures and drive around constantly looking at you. I'm sure humans wouldn't like that either. Perhaps that could be a reason for their aggression. Maybe it would be misread, and the elephant is trying to be playful, but a language barrier prevents us from finding out. I think this video, shows the irritation when there are constantly encroached my humans, the amount of cars passing by is quite a bit. I had an experience like this traveling through a forest in India one evening, the lights of all the cars passing my might have angered its peaceful slumber so it charged to the road. I think instead of blaming elephants for attacking people, blame the cause which are humans.

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