Sunday, May 10, 2015

Driving Dogs

So I recently discovered this video on Facebook being circulated because it is funny and impressive for a dog to drive a car. While it is funny, I did find this video very interesting for the fact that just like people beginning to learn how to drive, this dog was not distracted or erratic in its motions. Porter, the dog, had been trained and, with proper training, was able to perform the very human action of driving. It's a bit of a silly example but it makes one think about how much the use of technology contributes to how intelligently a creature is perceived. In other words, does it just take a dog performing a test drive in a car to show their true capabilities? If this was a more prevalent form of training and we took it to greater lengths, how far could we push animals, not just dogs, to excel with tasks that we thought would just be human-exclusive? Just a thought I was having.

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