Sunday, May 24, 2015

Claudette = Arya Stark

While reading Russell's "St. Lucy's Home" I kept being reminded of the character Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. Claudette is a girl raised by her parents who are werewolves. She is sent away to learn how to 'contain' her wolfdom. This is the same for Arya Stark, whose families house sigil is a wolf. After losing both her parents, Arya is made to lose her wolfdom in similar ways to Claudette. Slowly those around Claudette lose their senses of being wolves and they stop biting and growling with one another. They attend church on Sunday's and the boy's lose their 'wolf tales'. Arya Stark leaves the capitol city with a group of people after her father is murdered. She is told to suppress her anger and violence because it is sure to get her in trouble on the road back to her original home. Arya ends up being all but alone as her friends one by one choose not to roam the forests like a pack and chose the more calm life style of a human. In the end they only differ in that Claudette grudgingly choses to become human and return home, Arya Stark has embraced the her wolf side and decided to roam.

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