Friday, May 29, 2015

Are the Elephants Fighting Back?

In the article "Elephant Crack Up" by Charles Siebert it is becoming more evident that elephants are becoming more aggressive, especially towards humans. Now the question arises as to why violent behavior now? Humans have always known elephants to be patient and intelligent creatures that were neutral to our existence. But now as time goes on it seems they have picked up a new attitude. Is it possible that elephants have learned from humans? It was also pointed out that elephants have started to be more aggressive towards each other as well. Animal advocates are concerned and want to find  the cause of the elephants new practice of violent acts.

Okay now that I have given you the facts from Siebert's article "Elephant Crack Up" I want to give you all my hypothesis on what I think the elephants conduct means. After reading the article something struck me as odd. It is only been recently that elephants have been more aggressive. All I could ask myself is why? Why would such loving and cultured animals want to hurt us, or even other elephants? I began to consider about how extremely intelligent elephants are how they have amazing memories and how they deeply they care for their family. But none that would matter if they were angry; angry that their family has been poached and killed. Suffering from heartbreak of their fallen family elephants are confused and hurt. During this time I think it is possible they have watched humans behavior. Humans needlessly hunt and kill with no remorse. Perhaps elephants watch our style of living and see how much power we have by being aggressive. This is a psychological theory of learned behavior over time. Once any animal (including us) starts to become angry, it eats at us. We live everyday taking what we can. This is human nature, but I think we are not the only ones that cope this way. I believe that elephants could have learned our behavior and violent demeanors. Maybe this is giving humans way too much credit but I am guessing that elephants see the way we treat the world and because they are already hurt that poachers have killed their loved ones, they just let the more animalistic traits come through. We all know that elephants are not dangerous animals. I think they have just not had the best role models.

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