Thursday, May 7, 2015

Animals as collectables in games.

One of the most popular mechanics in games is the collection of various different objects. This becomes even more interesting when these objects are living creatures. More often than not when a game contains its own ecosystem of unique species of creatures, there will be incentives to collect them, see pokemon, or a system designed around discovering as many species as possible, as made evident by the game's collection screen where you can browse creatures you have beaten, seen collected etc, see pikmin, cubivore, elebits or again pokemon. These games are often targeted to children as they help sell more toys like trading cards, skylanders and amiibos. Our love of the unique living creatures may explain our love of animals why we have favorites. Even adults have created encyclopedias of every species of animal in a certain group or location, but is this because we view them as objects or because they are so far from being just objects.

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