Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Releasing Domestic Animals?

Professor Frecero touched on the issue of domestic pets in class today. She said releasing all the domestic pets may not the best solution. I can see why releasing all domestic or captive pets can be a problem and not actually a solution to saving animals. Most domestic pets are evolved to live with human. They’ve evolved to depend on human for survival. In the wild, they may not be able to live that long due to lack of hunting and survival skills. However, since they have evolved to become domestic pets and dependent on human, they can evolve back to be strong enough to live in the wild. Granted, that will take a long time but in the long run, evolution will help them survive. No animals started out as domestic pets. We all made them into domestic pets. In recent years, rich households in foreign countries, such as India and Dubai, have started to keep tigers as pets. If such ferocious animals as tigers can be trained to become calm and dependent domestic pets, who’s to say which animals are safe from becoming domestic pets. It is cruel to keep such strong and majestic creatures, who were born to be free in the wild, in an enclosed space for the purpose of entertainment and companionship. That’s why all animals should be free from captivity. They have to right to be. 

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