Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pet Fashion

When do we draw the line with fashion when it come to animals? Throughout my life I've seen many animals dressed up looking really cute in small shoes, costumes, jackets,etc. These animals, especially cats and dogs are dressed up for the aesthetic pleasure of humans. We don't know if the animals like being decorated/dressed up or not, maybe they do maybe they don't. The question I'm asking is since the pet's caretaker owns them, is don't they have every right to decorate their pets however they want? That's what I thought until I saw a picture of a girl piercing her cat's ear. She may own the cat but she has done near permanent damage to her pet by inserting a foreign object into it's body. It is unnatural and unsafe. From this image my views on pet fashion is that as long as the pet is not suffering by either uncomfortable decorations or body altercations, then owners have every right make their pets look as ridiculous as they want.

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