Friday, May 15, 2015

How to care for your new Husky puppy

1) Huskies are usually silent types but their howls are very loud. Their howl can be heard all the way from 10 miles (16km) away.
2) Since huskies are the types who are designed to pull heavy sleds and run a lot, so when you adopt a husky, make sure to play with him/her a lot to have him/her excercise enough.
3) Training huskies require patience. Train them to dig special certain place, or they will dig all over the yard because they love digging -- huskies usually dig to escape from strong wind to take shelter.
4) Huskies shed a lot so grooming them regularly, especially twice a week, is great.
5) Huskies can have hips and eye problems even with their robust health. So being health concious is always good.
6) even though huskies are pack dogs and fit perfectly as a family member, supervise children when a husky is around.

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