Monday, May 4, 2015

We are all Earthlings

Earthlings (2005) Trailer

   I have attached a link for an exceptional documentary, titled Earthlings. I encourage every single person to watch this movie. This documentary is all about the cruelty that humans inflict upon animals, despite the fact that we ALL inhibit the earth and deserve to live equally. There are numerous disturbing images in the documentary, and because of this, many people shy away from it. However, instead of pretending these problems do not exist, people must be exposed to these disturbing images, in order to become educated about the unfortunate truth regarding animal cruelty. This film opened my eyes; it is what influenced me to make the life-long decision of becoming a vegetarian.
   This film came to mind today in lecture, as Carla was talking about the meanings behind the novel, Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell. She mentioned that the novel not only intends to symbolize human cruelty towards animals, but also human cruelty towards humans. The film also makes this connection by comparing speciesism to racism. I find this connection extremely relevant, even though many disagree. I highly encourage anyone who doesn't agree with this connection to watch this film, or at least the trailer.


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