Monday, May 4, 2015

Cicadas and Personification

After reading the "Cicada" by Jean Henri Fabre, I was surprised with the way Jean personifies the Cicadas and Ants. I have never read any work which personifies insects and I was a little thrown off wit the fact that someone had taken the time to do so. I say this because prior to this reading, I had believed that insects were just insects and no more attention should be given to them. But with Fabre's work I was able to understand and at some points relate to the Cicada's personification.

Fabre first starts his work by telling us that the Cicada is a misunderstood insect that actually has  a lot going for it other than just being an insect. The Cicada is in fact no beggar but rather a hard worker who works all summer for his food. The Ant on the other hand is the thief and steals the food that the Cicada works really hard to collect.

As I was reading that first part of the story, I was so caught up with the story I almost forgot that it was insects we were talking about, not human beings. Fabre does such a great job to explain what insects do throughout their lives that it no longer seems insignificant to me. What Fabre did in his story was to open up an idea to me, which says that insects are important and they live normal lives just like us. They aren't insignificant and more thought should be put into them.

This can also be said for all animals, insects, fish, etc. found in the wild. Just because they don't share our language doesn't mean they aren't living lives like us. We should not be marginalizing this type of animals.

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