Sunday, May 31, 2015

I've been made conscious about my meat-eating.

(Disclaimer: This post is a bit belated.)

After watching the film, Behind the Mask, I was actually made hesitant toward eating meat. While I have not completely abstained from meat, I do not eat with every meal as I used to and I will see the vegetarian dishes/alternatives as viable options. Despite some of the weaker arguments and persuasive attempts in the film (i.e. using Goldfinger's music), the employment of the extremely graphic and intimate videos of animal testing and treatment successfully breached my comfort and complacency in eating meat. Just knowing that much animal testing is done in vain and lacks the endorsement of doctors or statisticians gives a sickening air to the thought of humanity as a whole. Isolating the mere fact that the data collected through the testing goes unused that just exemplifies a mass effect of sadism that I can honestly say I was completely unaware of. At the moment, meat has not been completely cut from diet, but it has been significantly reduced after witnessing how much of my food is derived from pain of such a degree.

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