Monday, May 11, 2015

Earlier in class today, the professor had mentioned that instead of calling the torture of humans inhumane, it should be called humane since it all stems from human brutality to one another. This got me thinking on how true that really is and how a majority of animal cruelty is inflicted by humans and not other animals. She had went on to say that in society torture inflicted upon animals is not seem to the same degree of horrific behave as it would be to another human being. I feel both those statements were very true. Humans wont think twice about hitting a poor tiger, as in the case of the video, all stemming from the mentality of superiority over all other animals. I feel humans can be far more cruel to one other and other animals then the world of nature would ever be. It's pretty upsetting to think that humans are the major cause of suffering to each other and other animals, and we all should be proactive to spread further awareness and change.

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