Friday, May 22, 2015

Richard Dawkin and Peter Singer Discuss Animal Rights

This is a conversation between two great scientists/philosophers, Peter Singer and Richard Dawkins, on the topic of vegetarianism and animal rights. What I found most interesting about this video, and what kept me watching, was the argument Dawkins made about a fetus and an animal. He argues that if those that are pro-life use the capacity to feel pain as a reason to protect the rights of a fetus, why then is it invalid to use that same argument (capacity to feel pain) with animals. He argues that a fetus that has just developed its sensory system would feel much less pain than an adult non-human animal, yet we care more about the fetus. I also really liked Singer's response to the notion that 'if anything capable of suffering is deserving of rights, then we should not eat oysters because they have sensory systems.'  He states that an oyster's sensory system is very basic, so he does not know whether they can feel pain, but that the pain suffered by chickens and pigs is very REAL and KNOWN, and that we can't use the exception to justify THEIR slaughter. The arguments raised by both of these individuals reminds me a lot about Plutarch's piece. I hope this video is as interesting for you guys as it was to me!

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