Friday, May 1, 2015

Mother Bears

In Disquisition addressed to Madame de La Sabliere, Descartes says "Animals are just machine; no sentiment, no soul. Devoid of independent thought they act from instinct, without thinking..." 

I have to say I disagree with this statement for many reasons. I have seen and felt animal affection, and know that animals feel love, and most importantly emotions. I have witnessed relationships with humans and animals that stand as equals. 

Best-selling nature writer Sy Montgomery agrees. “We talk about being anthropomorphic, about attributing human traits to animals,” she says “Who says those traits are human? Who said we came up with them? Evolution says we did not come up with them. Evolution says we inherited them.”

For all we know we could have inherited emotions from animals. Animals are such obedient creatures to the ones they love. I know that I have never been an animal, but how do you explain the phrase "Momma Bear"? People have been referencing to how defensive a mother bear will be over her cubs. She risks her life for them if they are in danger, if thats not love then I don't think I know what it is either. 

Watch a mother bear protect and care for her young against a lioness. (The end is the cutest part)

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