Monday, May 11, 2015


After doing to readings of Panthers I thought it would be fun to do some generic research on them. In my findings I discovered that panthers have bright emerald green eyes and a beautiful coat of rich black fur. This is why they are endangered, humans make a sport out of hunting panthers for their beautiful fur. Fun fact is panthers prefer to hunt at night and sleep high in the forest trees during the day. They also go for swims during the day in rivers to cool off. Jaguars are known as the ghosts of the forest because they are very hard to spot, their color allows them to be invisible at night. They are smart and stealth like attackers. Panthers are clearly talented, but their best capability is tree climbing.   Sadly black panthers are less fertile than other big cats, which is one reason why they could be endangered. Another fun fact about panthers is that they are solitary animals; only in mating season do they come together and female panthers are only pregnant for 3 months and have 2-4 babies. Baby panthers are born with their eyes closed and continue that way for the first two weeks of their life. But as early as 2 months panthers begin to learn how to hunt from their mothers, and after 9 months they know how to catch a medium sized prey. Overall panthers are incredibly strong, beautiful and independent big cats.

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