Thursday, May 7, 2015

First Place!

            Whilst browsing reddit, I have run across this picture of a horse titled “First place! My horse was super chuffed about it! :D”. Although the horse may look happy in the picture, upon reading Black Beauty, it made me wonder, what this horse has gone through in order to place first. Whether he was racing or was up for show, he must have gone through training of some kind. To be able to earn first place the horse could have gone down one of two paths. The first being a path of correct coaching where the horse was taken cared of properly and was rewarded and disciplined fairly. The second being the direct opposite; a life of abuse and mistreatment. Who knows of the past of this horse, like Black Beauty, this could be his first owner, his second, or his third. This horse could be currently living the life after being abused by his previous owner, or vice versa. 

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