Sunday, May 24, 2015

Animal ExMperimentation, Modern Holocaust

What's this thing? A fuzzy wuzzy little mouse? Or is it nothing more than a laboratory test subject? Many people would agree with the latter. Animal testing is a huge business, with animals from dogs, cats, mice and everything in between, all being bred and sold, for experimentation in laboratories around the world.

These subjects are used for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and even social research, oftentimes with the research being conducted involving negative physical, psychological, and emotional damaging methods. Over 100 million animals every year are killed because of animal testing. I've personally witnessed the damages that testing does to animals. I spent six weeks working in a lab (for confidential reasons I am not allowed to say which one) here I had to have had a hand in watching a group of lab rats literally being gases to death. One of my friends actually had to repeatedly guillotine rats.

Funny thing, if we ever even suggested doing something like that on humans for research, we'd be seeing a huge backlash and we'd be shut down from the public faster than you can say "bye bye birdie". We've actually seen these practices in action before? Where might you ask? In various work camps during, you guessed it, the Holocaust!

So why do we abhor these practices on people but actually encourage it on our fellow living creatures?

Humans, I'll tell you what.

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