Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Power Steer

The essay, "Power Steer" by Michael Follan really has made me look at meat in way that I didn't expect to. When reading a essay on how beef is processed basically from the day the calf was born into world and how it meets its end, I thought I would be deterred from beef, but I was wrong. When I got to know the intricacies on how the calf was raised, how they were forced to feed on a corn diet that was not suitable to their stomachs and how much antibiotics are pumped into them, I wasn't really surprised. I felt even though the methods were cruel, they were necessary in order for beef to priced the way it is, and not much will change since the demand for beef is only going to get higher. I surprisingly felt even more comfortable eating meat now since I know the process, which does not have that much of an effect on my feelings. I believe the cattle were put down in a very quick and humane matter. Their living conditions are bad, but I don't their are many other ways to maximize profit, so the practice won't change that much, so I made my resolve, and found it to be acceptable.

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