Monday, May 25, 2015

Do you want human skin tie to match that coat?

  Many who see this comic are possibly disturbed by the rather inhuman message this comic sends to the audience. Never can A NORMAL HUMAN BEING IN THEIR RIGHT MIND ever consider making products out of their own kin. Just thinking about this makes your stomach turn and your mind very nauseous. So what does the humankind to avoid this problem? They clear their conscious buy making products out of animals instead.

But is there really a difference between human and animal products?

 Jim Carrey answer this question in his famous movie," Ace Ventura" when he grabs the "monopoly guy" and wears him as if he was wearing a fox fur scarf. The reason he does this is because the lady who is wearing the fox fur tells him to try and enjoy the fruits of nature. Of course Ace Ventura makes a point that we as humans are part of this," fruits of nature." Although the scene is rather amusing, it sends an ultimate messages that says; if you can wear fox fur, might as well wear human skin because both acts are just as inhumane.

The reason why both acts are inhumane is because both animals and humans come from nature. The only reason Humans justify the act of using animal based products is that they don't communicate, and if they don't communicate they don't have a conscious. But this is all misjudgment because animals definitely have a conscious and definitely communicate with us humans, just not with words.

I am attaching the link to the ACE VENTURA: WHEN NATURE CALLS  scene below:

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