Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Sadness at the Animal Shelter

I went to the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter today because my friend was looking to adopt a dog. The moment I walked through the door, all I heard was a lot of wining and shrieking. I made a round to all the dog cages and the ones that were quiet were the older dogs and puppies. I think they stop wining for attention because they were either used to the neglect or did not know what was going on yet. Although the Animal Shelter is a place where animals are helped and allowed to be adopted by lovable people, they look miserable in those cages. Therefore, I consider keeping animals in those cages can be an act of animal cruelty that Coetzee talked about in the Lives of Animals. I think those dogs have enough reasoning to know that they are alone. They may be healthy and well-fed but they know well enough to know that they need human companion, a home. Once again, I believe that, in order to stop the animal cruelty, all animals must be released in to the wild. Nature can decide their faith. 

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