Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Polynesian Perspective

For the first paper, I examined the creation myth of the Hawaiians. It is a Hawaiian chant called Kumulipo. In my research, I also learned about the Hawaiians' spiritual connection with animals. Animals are spiritual guides in the Hawaiian tradition and are part of a culture that honors the visible as well as the invisible. For Hawaiians, an 'aumakua is a family god or ancestor that frequently manifests as an animal, and is both of heavenly and earthly nature. An 'aumakua is present to help, nurture, inspire, and guide the family. The family reciprocates affection through offerings and prayer.

The Hawaiian Honu (sea turtle) represents longevity, safety and Mana (spiritual energy). Native Hawaiians consider her the bearer of good luck and peace. Many Hawaiians worship the Honu as their ‘aumakua or ancestral spirit guide whose wisdom protects and leads them throughout their lives. The Honu is honored for the wisdom that comes with age. A well known story of the Honu is the legend of Kauila, the Hawaiian Turtle Goddess. The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle (Honu) and the Hawaiian Hawksbill Turtle (Honu`ea) species are seriously endangered due to increasing coastal development, illegal hunting, toxic runoffs, and many other issues. Much effort has been made to save these ancient creatures from extinction.

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