Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fast Food Seductions

In last week's section (04/16/15) we discussed “The sexual politics of meat” by Carol Adams in which there were several sections about the theory of the role of women in pervious years. It was thought that since women used to be the gatherers of food that they used to eat the best meat and best food and therefore were dominant over men. Men realized this and decided that they would hunt and gather food instead of letting the women do it so they could obtain the power that women had over them. We discussed in class that as time progressed women began to be objectified and belittled by men and were used as animals for as marketing strategies for the benefit of making more money. Food also began to be characterized as feminine and were given female anatomies such as sexy legs, breasts, etc, as shown in the picture above. Women’s bodies are now objectified and seen as easily replaceable marketing tools leaving women with the image that women are subject to the ideas of men and can not think or act for themselves, which is not true.

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