Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Illigal Big Cat Trade

Hi guys! I wanted to share a video showing the illegal trade of big cats in the Arabian Peninsula. Here we see that animals are treated as status symbols. Owners of these big cats buy cheetahs and lions to show off their wealth and influence. Also, there is a bit of a cultural blend: hunting with cheetahs is an old tradition that was passed down for generations. The young men in this video say that it is important for them to continue this tradition. This illegal trade of big cats serves as another reminder to us that humanity continues to create boundaries between them and animals. It is important not to see animals as a commodity or an object to be used in the execution of traditions. Big cats have an equal right to live on this earth as any other animal (including humans). The owners of the big cats claim that they love their pets but, as the dramatic end to this video proves, that is not the case.The Illegal Big Cats of Instagram

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