Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Dog and the Wolf

On Monday in lecture, Freccero spoke about the difference between a wolf and dog. American society has begun to make wolves apart of our pop culture, for example Twilight, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter etc. I find this interesting why humans feel such a connection to wolves that we began imagine/make up stories that we turn into them. In addition we make them into our pets. I know that there is a difference between dogs and wolves for many reasons. For example dogs are the most skilled animals at understanding humans. Freccero gave us a short story to read about dogs and wolves called The Dog and the Wolf (surprise surprise). The wolf was literally starving for his freedom and refused to give it up for shelter and food. The dog stayed in the house with humans and lived a comfortable life yet was a “slave” to his master. This is a pose as an allegory for humans as well as a short story. Humans have repeatedly come into contact with this problem. Being a slave to others to survive or to die in order to keep your freedom is a constant choice that people have to make everyday. Thankfully America is a place where we can practice our freedom thoughtlessly, and other places in the world people are starving for their freedom daily.

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