Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rhino Horn Poaching

The poaching of rhinos has become a very dangerous trade in Africa. Armed soldiers protect the few remaining rhinos from the poachers, who are after the rhinos’ horn. These poachers come from all over Africa to hunt these rare and iconic creatures for their horn. In eastern Asian countries, rhino horn is believed to have medical properties. Some claim that rhino horn is a cure for cancer while others believe it is an aphrodisiac. Western researchers have not found any evidence to support these claims. This is the dangerous cycle that rhinos have fallen victim to: so far as there is a market for the horn, and so far as there are rhinos walking, there will be poachers. In class and discussion section we have spoken about men exploiting animals as a form of resource. These poachers are killing whole rhinos for the sake of pleasing a cultural placebo. Until man realizes that these majestic creatures are not a source for them to exploit, there will be a conflict surround rhinos and creatures like them (elephants, lions, whales, etc.). Attached is a video documenting the atrocities of these poachers. There are some disturbing images in the documentary.

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