Monday, April 27, 2015

Why do People Abuse Animals?

Why do People Abuse Animals? (Abuse = hurt, mistreat, etc.)

According to this article, there are three reason why people hurt animals.
These reasons are:
1. Some people don't do it on porpoise. They don't realize that their actions might be hurting or mistreating the animals.
       a. These people are considered innocent who act in harsh ways unintentional.
2. Animal abusers do it on purpose, but they don't mistreat for a long period of time.
       a. They can be peer pressured to show off.
       b. They might have anger issues.
3. Animal abusers hurt animals intentionally because they enjoy seeing them suffer, thus in return, they feel powerful.
       a. They act cruelly because animals can't speak for themselves, whereas people can.
       b. They feel powerfulif their animal is killing another animal.
       c. These people are considered to have psychological issues that can be caused by many reasons such as childhood trauma, neglect ion, or poisonous environment.

All these people can be cured with education, support, and/or licensed psychologist.
What one can do, if they encounter such people, is: get help; write everything down; be responsible; be a leader; volunteer your time; spread the word; invite guest speaker to your school or college class;  start a club; check it out -- understand the issue more in depth for better change.

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