Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Why is it okay to hurt animals?

Why do we find it okay to hurt animals? Hurting animals our self-improvement will never justify why we do this. Whether we hurt animals for product testing such as shampoo or medical reason such as vaccines isn’t a valid reason mistreating animals. Animals aren’t meant to be incarcerated their whole lives as test subjects. They’re meant to be able to roam free in the wild, where they lived before we removed them from their natural habitat. Animals such as rats, monkey, rabbits, and dogs spend their entire lives in laboratories being tested on just so we know that the products being developed are safe for human use. If we wouldn’t test developing products on humans, why do we test them on animals? I believe the only reason we do this is because we think that it doesn’t hurt them and that they don’t have feelings. The only reason we think this is because animals aren’t able to express themselves through words like humans are. If a dog were to say, “stop, that hurts”, we wouldn’t be testing on them. The same goes for all of the other animals we hurt.
I’ve attached a video of beagles that have been rescued from laboratory testing. We see that they aren’t sure how to react to not being caged up. Luckily these dogs were freed from spending the rest of their lives in cages, sadly most animals are never able to make it out of labs.

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