Friday, June 5, 2015

My Lit80E quarter

My major so far is undeclared but am planning on going into Literature and minoring in Languistics.
When I enrolled in this class, my motive was only to pass this class because my advisor had suggested me on taking it. My only goal in this class was to pass and get out of here because I had no interest in animals.
As the quarter went on and I was assigned readings and assignments, I started putting more interest in the course. But it was until we started the discussion sessions and the topics discussed in sections that I was totally absorbed in this class. Since I was taking writing 2 (Writing Disney) along with this class this quarter, I realized there were many similarities between these two course, so I stRted making connections (but focusing more on my writing class than Lit).
At the start of the quarter when my TA told me that we can write blog that can also count as participation in dicsussion, I was released because I did not want to participate in the class at all because I don't like talking about animals much and I had nothing to say. But on the very first day, my TA started the discussion in such a way that I could not stop I myself from speaking up and getting in the discussion too. I still remember that we talked about the creation oh earth and Adam and Eve. After that day, I always looked forward to discussion sessions and my lecture where I find out the lives of animals I wasn't aware of at all.
As time went by, I was thinking more about the course and putting more time in it than I had planned to do. I did intend to pass from the beginning but I never thought I would be talking and thinking about animals so much as to want to write better with each assignment given. By the end of the quarter, I had made a special emotional relationship with the animals around me and started to think of them as some who is very much alike me and started respecting them more.
Thanks to Lit80E, I will never think of animals as creatures crawling around on Earth but as living creature who are very much a likes me and try my best to get along with them all to best of my abilities.

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