Monday, June 1, 2015

Is Abuse Worth the Entertainment?

Circus animals are proven to be very intelligent but in order to achieve this level of entertainment they must pass through rigorous training. Elephants in particular are very widely used in circuses and are usually spoken of most when relating them to abuse. The elephants have their spirit broken and are chained in uncomfortable positions for 25 hours at a time, or even more. When the elephants are handled, they are beaten with telescopic batons and managed with bull hooks in order to do what the trainer expects. An example of the horror the elephants must go through is when an elephant in Oklahoma was beaten with the bull hooks so severely that she bled and cried out in pain. Elephants were not the only animals targeted, but all circus animals; abuse occurred every day to everyone. All of the animals were hit, punched, beaten, and whipped by everyone from the head of animal care to inexperienced animal handlers.

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