Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fur Is Not Fashionable

As meat is a large commodity in today's world, so are other parts of certain animals. A part of an animal that keeps it warm and defines its very essence is being stripped away by the fur trade. Somehow these places of such cruelty stay hidden from view. Small steel sheds contain rows and rows of cages filled with fragile little bodies The animals contained in these cages are mostly minks, foxes and raccoon dogs. These animals widen their anxious eyes, pace inside the cage, and cry out loud. "For most of these creatures, even death is not kind. Just before their first birthday, they will be gassed or electrocuted. Their skin will be removed to adorn the trim of a trendy parka or pair of boots. The rest of their body will simply be discarded into a pile of trash or compost. 100 million lives are lost each year in this way" (Lush). How can someone wear a fur coat so proudly? I cringe in disdain.

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